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Homeworkers Network was established in June 1992 from home-based producers as well as concerned NGOs in Bangkok, the North and the Northeast of Thailand under ILO project on Social Protection Promotion. After the project closed down in 1996 the network keep on operating until present in the title of “Informal Workers Network” or “HomeNet Thailand” In 1998, NGOs working within the network established “Study and Development Center of Homeworkers” as the coordination center of HomeNet Thailand with later on, in 2003, registered as “Foundation for Labour and Employment Promotion”.

Know us
HomeNet Thailand Brand

a social enterprise owned by Homenet Thailand Association and home-based workers, mostly female workers from 25 groups of producers who produce and sell handicrafts and processed foods using local wisdom. Some of them are homeworkers work as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Homenet Thailand Brand produces and sells products based on Fair Trade, Social Solidarity Economy and environmental -friendly principles.